Our Services

Process Control Systems and Backup Systems
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS) 
  • Process Programmable Logic (PLC) 
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) 
  • Dedicated Power Suppliers 
  • Batteries Chargers 
Motors & Gear Boxes
  • Motor Control 
  • Variable Speed Drives 
  • Motor Controllers 
  • Motor Starters 
  • Power Distribution Control, Transformers Electronic Control, Power Transmission Control. 
  • Generators, Power Electronics, Motion and Control for a wide range of automation applications
Low Voltage Products
  • Circuit Breakers 
  • Switches 
  • Control Products 
  • Wiring Accessories 
  • Enclosures and Cable System for protection 
  • Electronic Equipment from electrical overload 
  • Current and Voltage Sensors 
  • Electronic Relays and Control 
  • Fuse gear 
  • Low-Voltage Switchgear 
  • Soft Starters 
  • Limit Switches and Timers
Process Automation - Field Instruments
  • Flow Measuring products, Level Measuring Products, Temperature Measuring Products and Pressure Measurement Products. 
  • Process Reorders, Process Controllers, Process Indicators 
  • Valve Actuators, Valve Positioners 
  • ASI Network Systems, Slaves & Masters 
  • Field network communications: Fibre, Profibus, Ethernet etc.
Analytical Instruments - Continuous Liquid Analytics

  • Conductivity Measurement, pH Measurement, Ammonia Measurement, Chlorine Measurement, Turbidity Measurement, Dissolved Oxygen Measurement
  • Hydrogen and Purge Gas Monitor, Katharomoeter
  • In-Situ Oxygen and Combustion Analyser 
    Project Management
    • Team Integration
    • Scope Management
    • Cost Management (by Quantity Surveyor)
    • Time Management
    • Procurement Management
    • Quality Management
    • Resource Management
    • Project Communication
    • Risk Management